About us

The Legal Centre believes in solidarity, not charity. We are a legal and political project which aims to create meaningful change through advocacy, strategic litigation and engagement with the migrant and refugee movement.

With this in mind, the Legal Centre adopts the following principles which guide our work in Lesvos:

  • Be in support of the right to peace and against the illegal interventions of the US and other NATO countries in Asia and Africa
  • Defend the right to asylum and expand its definition to include at the very least the concepts of environmental and economic refugees
  • Oppose the racist concept of Fortress Europe and the growing fascist movements which embrace it
  • Oppose the EU Turkey deal and all deals which seek to send asylum applicants to third countries outside of the EU
  • Support the securing of safe passage for asylum seekers wishing to travel to and within the EU to the Member State they consider appropriate
  • Support the pro refugee movement and assist in its developing of a human rights and refugee oriented approach

Additional Information:

The administration and management of the Legal Centre Lesvos, as well as the representation and funding of the organisation, belongs to the General Assembly, made up of its four Partners:

  • Carlos Ernesto Orjuela (carlos@legalcentrelesvos.org),
  • Norma Lea Jullien Cravotta (norma@legalcentrelesvos.org),
  • Laila Hashmi (laila@legalcentrelesvos.org),
  • Maya Zoe Alice Thomas Davis (maya@legalcentrelesvos.org),
  • The General Representation of the Legal Centre is assigned by the Co-Partners to Maya Zoe Alice Thomas Davis.