Our Partners


The Legal Centre has been partnered with the The International Association of Democratic Lawyers since January 2017.  An organisation set up in 1946, the IADL is made up of progressive lawyers associations from across the world and is at the forefront of representing political and social movements in defence of human rights. Since 2023, the Legal Centre Lesvos is a member of the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights (ELDH).

Our office was based in the Mosaik Support Center for Refugees and Locals between August 2016 – July 2019.


The Legal Centre operates with the exclusive support of individual donations and from entities that are not complicit in human rights or environmental abuses, and does not accept funds from any State, the European Union, or any EU entities. Our ethical funding guidelines not only allow us to maintain our independence but also to build relationships, through our support networks, with solidarity organizations in Lesvos, Greece, and abroad.Aside from the crucial small donations we receive from private individuals online, we have also received support from the following organisations:

2023 Donors and Supporters