Our Partners


Since January 2017, the Legal Centre is partnered with the The International Association of Democratic Lawyers.  An organisation set up in 1946, it is made up of progressive lawyers associations from across the world and is at the forefront of representing political and social movements in defence of human rights.

From August 2016 – July 2019, our office was based in the Mosaik Support Center for Refugees and Locals, a local Greek initiative which provides various crucial services for the refugees of Lesvos.

We have also entered into partnership with Thraedable, a social enterprise which seeks to support social projects that have substantial and long-term positive impacts and to raise awareness about little-told or misreported social issues.


We are privileged to have received official endorsements from the following organisations:


Aside from the crucial small (and not so small) donations we receive from private individuals online, we have also received support from the following organisations: