IADL Agrees to Partner with the Legal Centre

On 22 January 2017, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers accepted an application by Legal Centre Lesvos to partner with the project.

Considering its history of working with progressive movements across the world against war, colonialism and racism, we are very excited about the possibility to work with the IADL to strengthen our efforts in solidarity with the refugees of Lesvos.

Below is the application we sent to IADL at the end of 2016.

For more information regarding the IADL, please visit www.iadllaw.org

“Dear President and General Secretary of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers

We write to request that the IADL consider an application to partner with Legal Centre Lesvos in its legal project for refugees.

Legal Centre Lesvos does not simply see itself as a provider of humanitarian assistance for the refugee population. We are a legal and political project which aims to create meaningful change through advocacy, strategic litigation and engagement with the refugee movement.

With this in mind, LCL wholeheartedly accepts the principled position set out in the resolution which has been published on the IADL’s website. In particular, to:

* Be in support of the right to peace and against the illegal interventions of the US and other NATO countries in Asia and Africa
* Defend the right to asylum and expand its definition to include at the very least the concepts of environmental and economic refugees
* Oppose the racist concept of Fortress Europe and the growing fascist movements which embrace it
* Oppose the EU Turkey deal and all deals which seek to send asylum applicants to third countries outside of the EU
* Support the securing of safe passage for asylum seekers wishing to travel to and within the EU to the Member State they consider appropriate
* Support the pro refugee movement and assist in its developing of a human rights and refugee oriented approach

We understand and accept the level of scrutiny required for the project to maintain the highest levels of legitimacy possible and will therefore provide the IADL with the necessary information regarding the sources of its income and expenditure.

We accept to provide quarterly reports to the IADL regarding our activities and financial situation and agree not to seek or accept funds from foundations, companies or organisations which are directly responsible for the cause and continuation of the refugee crisis.

In return, we ask that the IADL collaborate with the LCL to do the following:

* Create a volunteer program for the project
* Set up a section on their websites regarding these volunteer programs
* Promote the project to IADL’s national associations – including encouraging NAs to provide volunteers and help with fundraising
* Endorse and assist with the publication of the legal centre’s first report
* Include the legal centre as one of the projects included in the IADL’s fundraising proposal

Legal Centre Lesvos”

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