Trial Observation Report – Moria 35

Observation report – Moria 35 – VERSION COMPLETE AVEC LES ANNEXES

Earlier in the year a delegation of lawyers and jurists from Avocats Sans Frontières (France), Gisti (France), Migreurop (France), European Democratic Layers (The Netherlands), Dutch League of Human Rights (The Netherlands) and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (UK), attended the trial of the ‘Moria 35’, which ended with the conviction of 32 of the 35 defendants for dangerous bodily harm.

Serious concerns have since been raised regarding the way in which the trial was conducted, with numerous human rights violations being identified by the observers present.

The above constitutes the final report from the Trial Observation Committee.  For updates as to what has occurred since the trial, please see the latest updates on our website:

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