Our End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign is here: Stand Against Fortress Europe – Support Legal Centre Lesvos!

Stand against Fortress Europe: Support the LCL!

Join our struggle against the EU’s violent & discriminatory migration policies and support the Legal Centre Lesvos’ work in defence of human rights

At Europe’s border in Lesvos, migrants continue to be subjected to serious abuse and violence. Thousands of people on the move have been subject to violent and illegal “pushbacks” carried out through clandestine operations of the Greek authorities, which have become routine practice of EU border maintenance. In addition to pushbacks, migrants arriving in Lesvos find themselves concentrated in camps, where they are deprived of their most fundamental rights. The degrading and inhumane living conditions people are subjected to are a disgrace to the EU, which has long used Lesvos as a testing ground for policies later repeated across Europe.

What We Do

Since 2016, dedicated volunteers, interpreters and lawyers at the LCL have provided free legal assistance to people on the move arriving in Lesvos, while exposing the abuse and violence they endure. Since its establishment, we have assisted over 7000 people, including in the following cases:

Why we need your support now

For over seven years, we have maintained our independence by refusing funding from the EU, States, and entities involved in rights violations. This year, we find ourselves facing new challenges that jeopardise our ability to continue our work, as several donation-based funding sources have been depleted. Meanwhile, the need for the LCL as an independent and consistent voice against Fortress Europe remains as urgent as ever. Help us continue to speak truth to power!   

We aim to secure 1000 people willing to donate at least one hour of their salary, allowing us to increase individual donor support from 15% to 20%!  If you can, consider setting up a monthly contribution, which helps sustain our work into the future. Every donation counts!

Here is a small list of references:

  • 30 Euros: one hour of legal advice from a lawyer and an interpreter.
  • 60 Euros: 4 hours of interpreting.
  • 80 euros: 100 bus tickets to our office for a legal consultation.
  • 225 Euros: an emergency application to the ECtHR to prevent irreparable harm.
  • 300 Euros: representation on appeal in the asylum procedure

Thank you for considering and sharing our plea with your contacts and networks in order to help us reach our goal!

…And the resistance lives on!

Brick by brick, wall by wall: MAKE THE FORTRESS EUROPE FALL!

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