Legal Centre Lesvos is seeking a Greek lawyer to assist in its work in solidarity with refugees

Since August of 2016 the legal centre has been operating on Lesvos island, providing legal assistance and representation to the refugees of Lesvos.  We also support refugee led advocacy, and are looking towards bringing strategic litigation cases against the various violations of refugee rights taking place in Lesvos.  We are a project which is partnering with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, and endorsed by various other Lawyers Associations from across the world.

As an organisation with a human rights approach, we emphasise the need for solidarity, not charity, with refugees.  We aim not to simply provide humanitarian assistance but legal solutions which tackle the failure of the EU and its members states to uphold the rights of refugees.

Our Work Cannot be Successful Without the Assistance of Greek Civil Society 

It is clear that throughout this refugee ‘crisis’, the most successful responses have involved the genuine solidarity and participation of refugees and the local population.

The Legal Centre is currently searching for a committed Greek lawyer who is willing work full time in Lesvos.

Priority will be given to those who fulfil the following criteria:

* Have a working knowledge of Greek Asylum Law

* Have knowledge of the Common European Asylum System

* Can speak English, Arabic or Farsi

* Have experience of conducting civil litigation

* A demonstrated strong commitment to helping refugees

Our work is impossible without the participation and support of Greek lawyers to represent refugees regarding all aspects of their asylum procedures, and to litigate violations of refugee rights in Greek courts.

We are seeking to contract a Greek attorney for three months, with a potentially renewable contract.

For more information, please email us with your CV and any relevant information by 15 April 2017 to  Applications will be reviewed as they are received, as we seek to contract a qualified Greek attorney as soon as possible.

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