Premiere of ‘Inadmissible’ in Science Po Univeristy, Paris

On Friday 14 April members of Legal Centre Lesvos participated in a meeting at Science Po, which featured a documentary prepared by Thraedable, as part of a collaboration which looks to support the Legal Centre in its aim to defend the rights of refugees in Lesvos whilst also raising awareness of the situation on the Island.

The documentary featured interviews of refugees as well as volunteers of the legal centre.  Questions from the audience followed as well as the unveiling of Thraedable’s new T-Shirts, which will go on sale soon.  50% of the profits from the sale of these shirts will go towards funding the Legal Centre’s work.

Inadmissible can be viewed here.

Further showings are also planned to take place soon.  For more information about Thraedable and to order shirts when they become available, go to:

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