Moria 6 – prosecution for the 2020 destruction of Moria camp

Moria Reception and Identification Centre (Moria camp) on Lesvos island was Europe’s largest refugee camp and the notorious symbol of the EU’s migration policies until it was destroyed by fires in September 2020. The dangerous and dehumanising living conditions of Moria camp, continuously denounced over the years including through Greece’s repeated condemnation by the European Court of Human Rights, led to the death of dozens of people and the exposure of thousands of others to inhuman and degrading treatment.

Rather than recognising the fires of Moria camp as an inevitable consequence of the “hotspot approach” ; following the destruction of Moria camp the Greek state arrested six young Afghan teenagers, namely, the “Moria 6”, and presented them as the sole criminally responsible for the fires. All six Afghans – five of whom were under eighteen years old at the time of their arrest – were arbitrarily arrested and declared guilty by the Greek authorities before their trials even took place, in full disregard of the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence. 

The Moria 6, who were represented in part by Legal Centre Lesvos’ lawyers, were found guilty despite the lack of any credible evidence of their guilt, in trials that violated their basic procedural rights. Below you will find further information on the prosecution of the Moria 6 and LCL’s work to defend their rights.

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following the trial against four of the “Moria 6”
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