LCL Quarterly Newsletter: October – December 2023

In the face of a crisis of international humanitarian law and human rights law globally, and the expected implementation of increasingly draconian anti-migrant policies in Greece, the Legal Centre Lesvos continues its work to fight against border violence, criminalisation of people on the move, and Europe’s inherently discriminatory migration policies. LCL’s October-December 2023 newsletter covers the latest develops and our work, covering the following topics. Our newsletter can be downloaded here, or read below.

  1. Updates from Lesvos Closed Control Access Centre (CCAC)
    • Detention upon arrival, lack of medical access, and restrictions of food distribution
    • Lesvos Regional Asylum Office forcing displaced Eritrean nationals to change their nationality to Ethiopian
    • Protests in Samos, Leros following the escalation of Israel’s assault on Gaza
  2. Overview of Legal Centre Lesvos’ work to defend the rights of migrants
    • Our legal assistance work in numbers
    • Successful appeal decision for an Haitian national
    • Collaborations and events to advance migrants’ rights
    • Fact-finding missions, conferences and legal seminars to promote human rights
  3. Challenging border violence
    • EU Ombudsperson opens an inquiry into the Commission’s administration of EU funding used in the illegal expulsion of migrants
    • Justice for Barış Büyüksu
    • Successful interim measures ordering Greece not to remove a group of LCL clients, newly arrived in Lesvos from Turkey
  4. Continued efforts to fight criminalisation of migrants
    • Updates about the investigation into the Pylos shipwreck and the persecution of the Pylos 9

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